Pozole from Lula

Pozole from Lula

Trenchermen. Potato basket with a side of bacon and coffee.

Trenchermen. Potato basket with a side of bacon and coffee.

A Good Birthday

If you know me, you know one of the things I love most is food. This past weekend was filled with delicious food. On Friday night, Alex and I went to A Salt and Battery for some fish and chips. Then, on Saturday night - we hit it up again! This time we got a Chips Butty. A Chips Butty is apparently a chip sandwich, so a ton of french fries between two pieces of buttery bread! Fantastic! After we had our fix of British food, we rushed back to my apartment, just to head out again to Bar 675 to meet friends for birthday drinks.

Fried sea bass with chips butty and a sparkling ribena to wash it all down! Delicious!

On Sunday I met up with Teresa, Jordan, and Eliot and had a little blogger brunch. We had a wonderful Belgian brunch at Petite Abeille where I got an omelette with goat cheese, tomato and asparagus. Anything with those ingredients will keep me satisfied. Alex knows that if anything has goat cheese, I must get it. It was my first time meeting Jordan and Kendrick and they are the sweetest! They brought me a gift of lavender body wash - it sounds as good as it smells. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to have brunch with!

Photo taken from Ramshackle Glam, clockwise from left: me, Jordan, Kendrick, Teresa, Alex, and Eliot.

My omelette with a side of potatoes and a light salad.

Yesterday was my actual birthday - me and Alex celebrated with a low key dinner at Fried Dumpling and hot chocolates and cheesecake at Gee Whiz! It was the first “snow”* of the year, so it was way colder than I thought it would be. I even got to wear a new scarf that Ambreen sent to me in the mail for my birthday!

Me and Alex enjoying our hot chocolates after walking through the cold!

All in all, a wonderful and delicious beginning to my birthday! Thank you to all my wonderful friends!

*The snow was actually more of sleet and rain mixed together.


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